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UConn Health University of Connecticut-Wesleyan University Stem Cell Core

Stem Cell Training & Workshops


Special and delicate techniques are needed for culture of hESC/iPSC. We have trained more than 100 researchers on these techniques. The labs with trained researchers can usually train new members in their labs. Thus, now we mainly offer training to labs that have no trained staff members. We also provide post-training services including consultation on the techniques, distribution and quality control of hESC/iPSC, validated reagents for the culture, etc. (see the other pages of our website).

To request and register for training, please contact the UCSCC at, and complete the training registration form.


Novel and state-of-the-art technologies have been developed dynamically on basic and translational research of hESC/iPSC. To catch up with the dynamics and meet the needs of many stem cell researchers, we often host workshops with various themes each time by inviting experts and pioneers on specific technologies. These workshops are offered about annually for free via co-sponsorship with other cores or companies that develop relevant technologies and products. Each workshop often attracts about 100 attendants from both Connecticut and the neighboring states.

We will announce our new workshops on this page. Please contact us at to register.