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UConn Health University of Connecticut-Wesleyan University Stem Cell Core

Derivation of hiPSC Lines

Flow Chart for IPS Cell Derivation, Quality Control and Optional Gene EditingSince the first report of iPSC derivation by reprogramming mouse tail-tip fibroblasts in 2006 by Yamanaka group, dramatic improvements in methodology have been achieved. Our Core has stayed upfront and chosen the most efficient and consistent methods for iPSC derivation as follows:

  1. Reprogramming human fibroblasts with lentiviral vectors (transgene removable)
  2. Reprogramming human peripheral blood mononucleocytes with episomal vectors (integration-free)
  3. Reprogramming human cord blood mononucleocytes with episomal vectors (integration-free)
  4. Optional: reprogramming human fibroblasts with Sendai viral vectors (there is additional cost for the Cytotune reagents)

To apply for the iPSC derivation services, please contact